Dr. Daniel Binus

Dr. Daniel Binus


Dr. Binus completed his undergraduate training with degrees in Biophysics and German Studies from Andrews University in Michigan.  After doing a year of volunteer work in eastern Africa, he continued his education at Loma Linda University Medical School, where he received his doctor of medicine degree.  While in medical school, Dr. Binus became fascinated with the intricacies of the mind and began to focus in the area of mental health.  He continued his postdoctoral training at Loma Linda by completing a four year residency in Psychiatry.



While in residency, two areas of special interest emerged for Dr. Binus.  First, he became quite interested in practicing whole-person care, where the mental health professional views his client in a four dimensional context.  Rather than focusing on purely biological issues, Dr. Binus spent many hours studying emotional, physical and spiritual factors that also play a role in mental illness.  As a result of his study, he now incorporates lifestyle principles to help people correct the underlying causes of their mental illness.  The second area of special interest for Dr. Binus has become approaching mental health from a public health standpoint.  Because he has noted the scarcity of mental health resources and the lack of mental health education, he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Public Health Education from Loma Linda University.  By using his public health knowledge, Dr. Binus has conducted community workshops for depression.  In addition, he has developed a mental health curriculum for the HIV/AIDS orphans of sub-Saharan Africa which is currently being implemented in the country of Lesotho.  Dr. Binus plans to continue to use his public health knowledge to improve the mental health of communities through education and prevention.



After finishing his residency training, Dr. Binus accepted a temporary position in Big Bear Lake, California.  He found great satisfaction observing people improve their mental health by incorporating lifestyle principles into their lives.  March, 2011, Dr. Binus moved to Auburn, where he is currently Clinical Director of Beautiful Minds Medical.  In addition, he is on the medical staff at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, a Clinical Instructor at Loma Linda University, and teaches psychology at Weimar College.  In the future, Dr. Binus looks forward to improving the mental health of individuals and communities through excellence in mental health care.


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