Mental Health & Wellness Articles

I’ve often wondered- does eating organic food really make a difference?  And what about all these chemicals that we use as pest control around the home?  Do they really make a difference in our health, particularly our mental health? Recently, 3 new studies shedding some light on this issue were published online in Environmental Health […] Read More >>
Do you experience episodes of having more energy than usual, need little sleep and often make poor decisions that you later regret? You may experience a condition also often called “Manic-Depressive Disorder,” the symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary quite widely from one individual to the next. According to the LA Times (April 13, 2011) […] Read More >>
Did you know that what you eat can impact your mood? Many studies have proven that certain food ingredients have a positive effect on your mood and mental health. Tryptophan, Omega-3, Folate and B12 are particularly desirable. Here is a list of foods that contains these advantageous ingredients. Foods Containing Tryptophan: Tofu Flax seeds or […] Read More >>
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