Elijah Meeker, Psy.D, Psychologist

Elijah Meeker

The human mind is vast and varied. “Normal” is a setting on a dryer.

Dr. Meeker has a passion for people and their uniqueness. No two situations are the same. Working with compassion and care, Dr. Meeker approaches mental health with an individually tailored style, looking in depth at what makes you, you.

With broad experience (private practice, inpatient, psychological testing, substance abuse, and behavioral assessment), Dr. Meeker serves most populations. He specializes in working with challenging personality disorders (Borderline, Narcissism, etc.) as well as anxiety and mood disorders. Working in mental health the last decade, he has helped hundreds of people get through difficult struggles, guiding them to achieve a healthy balanced life.

Dr. Meeker uses evidence-based treatment and classically rooted methods. He combines the efficiency of the modern and the elegance of the old. Through his personal focus, Dr. Meeker achieves high rates of treatment success and client satisfaction. You leave knowing that your whole person has been seen. Body. Mind. Spirit.


Growing up curious, Dr. Meeker always had a fascination with the question, what makes people do what they do? As a novice therapist, he assessed his teenage friends and labeled them with Myers-Briggs types. Rooted in the Christian faith, he had a desire to understand the spiritual need of people. As an adult he carried these passions forward in a more formal way. After getting his master’s in theology and a doctorate in psychology, he went on to work toward licensure in clinical practice. Dr. Meeker is the father of four kids and has been married to his lovely wife Celestial for 17 years. He is fulfilling what he considers a calling rather than a job as a practitioner in the mental health field.