Robert Nordman, PA-C, MS-PAS, MAT

Robert Nordman

Robert Nordman, PA-C, MS-PAS, MAT, has been practicing as a PA for 14 years after graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He also has a master’s in teaching from Andrew’s University, where he was credentialed in English, religion, and science on the secondary level. He taught five years at Battle Creek Academy. His undergraduate training included religion and health at Weimar College.

Robert commenced his PA career working in physical medicine and rehab for six years. He then transitioned to hospital medicine for two years before making a move to Arizona where he joined a family practice. For two years, he served patients in both primary care and psychiatry before transitioning entirely to psychiatry.

Robert served a population of high acuity in AZ and gained experience in treating schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, OCD, Tourette’s, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Prior to becoming a PA, Robert gained experience in lifestyle medicine centers in three states. He has a great interest in helping patients understand and incorporate non-pharmacological approaches to improve their mental health. Leisure interests include gardening, classical music, beekeeping, hiking, traveling, nutrition, investing in stocks, and reading.