Our Treatment Philosophy

You've been created with a beautiful mind. It's not perfect; it has imperfections and scars. But it's full of infinite potential to feel, know, grieve, grow, and love in a way that's all your own. Sometimes this potential lies dormant, like a seed waiting for spring. But with a little sunshine and rain, the seed will dare to grow – its hidden beauty brought to life. Our goal at Beautiful Minds Medical is to provide the support, instruction, and environment you need to reach your hidden potential.


Inspiring and empowering people to unlock their potential through excellence in mental healthcare.

What Makes Us Unique?

Beautiful Minds provides mental health services to Auburn and Placer County. This includes outpatient psychiatry and counseling, and an Intensive Outpatient Program which meets for 15 hours each week.

We believe in whole-person care. Traditional approaches to mental health often address the symptoms of illness without treating the underlying causes. Our goal is to understand and treat the cause. In addition to standard treatment, we incorporate lifestyle principles such as nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, and more. These habits can help the body to detox and the brain to heal. We are passionate about empowering our patients to thrive- body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect

You are a whole person, not a mental illness. Once you seek care at Beautiful Minds, we will start with a detailed assessment to better understand your unique story and situation. This will help us design an individual treatment plan just for you. Mental health is always influenced by physical, psychological, social, and spiritual factors. Our goal is to create a custom-plan that will help you enhance each aspect of your health. Don't be discouraged, mental illness is very treatable and sometimes even reversible. We believe in your beautiful mind.

Can Beautiful Minds help you?

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