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I never felt good in my own skin. I suffered from low self-esteem for many years. Started drinking at age 12. Soon I was smoking marijuana. My dreams of an education and career were constantly sabotaged by my poor choices. To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with bipolar at age 30. Life was horrible. […] Read More >>
Beautiful Minds was featured on the front page of the Auburn Journal last week. Several patients volunteered to share their recovery stories. Our team is thrilled to know that the intensive outpatient program is making a difference in the Auburn community. You can read the article here: Beautiful Minds provides therapy, psychiatry, and wellness classes for those struggling […] Read More >>
Brian Phillips* couldn’t get his hands to stop shaking. The tremor was so bad he couldn’t hold a fork to his mouth without using both hands. His doctor referred him to a neurologist, who immediately recognized the tremor as a side effect of Brian’s lithium medication. “Tell your psychiatrist he needs to wean you off […] Read More >>
Beautiful Minds Medical is excited to announce the launch of our new Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Auburn. This program is designed for clients who need more support than weekly therapy or doctor’s visits can offer, but are able to safely live at home. The IOP began in March. We’re thankful to see it growing […] Read More >>
A little background on the Prefrontal Cortex As a psychiatrist, I believe it’s very important to understand the natural development and decline of the brain throughout the lifetime. This is essential for assessing whether development and behavior is normal or impaired. The CEO of the Brain Relative to behavior, one of the most important parts […] Read More >>
Although social media has at times been demonized, there are many positive aspects of adolescents and children using social media.  These include opportunities for community engagement, enhancement of creativity, expansion of online/social connections, enhanced learning opportunities, access to important health information, and improving social skills. Although there are many positive aspects of social media, there […] Read More >>
I’ve often wondered- does eating organic food really make a difference?  And what about all these chemicals that we use as pest control around the home?  Do they really make a difference in our health, particularly our mental health? Recently, 3 new studies shedding some light on this issue were published online in Environmental Health […] Read More >>
Do you experience episodes of having more energy than usual, need little sleep and often make poor decisions that you later regret? You may experience a condition also often called “Manic-Depressive Disorder,” the symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary quite widely from one individual to the next. According to the LA Times (April 13, 2011) […] Read More >>
Did you know that what you eat can impact your mood? Many studies have proven that certain food ingredients have a positive effect on your mood and mental health. Tryptophan, Omega-3, Folate and B12 are particularly desirable. Here is a list of foods that contains these advantageous ingredients. Foods Containing Tryptophan: Tofu Flax seeds or […] Read More >>
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